Application of three-dimensional modeling and 3D-printing in the fields of modelism.

Three-dimensional modeling and printing in modeling is a real find and an indisputable assistant in the creation of prototypes of bench, as well as glued models. The concept of bench modeling implies the creation of inactive models as close as possible to the original. Most often, models are made entirely by hand, by fitting each part to each other. Sometimes CNC milling machines are used for these purposes. For each model, a 3D printer and material are individually selected, based on such parameters as: scale, surface quality, detail.

The manufacturing method is basically the same: Modelers print matrices, which are poured into silicone molds to obtain molds. After hardening, large-scale copies of the necessary elements and aggregates required for each model are obtained. Subsequently, all these elements are brought together. Also, in radio modeling, sometimes there is a need to print out the desired body of a future model from plastic in order to subsequently produce body elements by molding.

An important role of 3D printing in modeling is given to aviation. Cultivation of aircraft hulls, propellers and screws, quadcopter hulls. In all these cases, 3-d printing greatly facilitates and speeds up the creation of a future model for testing.

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