Miniatures and Action Figures

The use of 3D modeling and 3D printing in the creation of historical or game miniatures.

The creation of miniatures and action figures is also quite in demand in three-dimensional modeling. For example, when creating models where figurines of people are required, or miniature trees and other elements, as well as in game collectibles or games. All this can be quickly created and printed on an SLA or DLP printer. Three-dimensional printing is also an excellent way out if you need to create a limited series of figures for a unique project. Such a batch can be easily printed in one day. Making such elements by hand takes significantly more time and resources.

It should be borne in mind that after growing, elements made of photopolymer require post-processing: washing, additional hardening, sometimes grinding and further staining. Also, products made of photopolymer resins are quite fragile, and for the most part are used for molding into silicone molds for further replication.

3D printing can capture even the smallest elements of your action figures or miniatures, such as clothing, faces, shapes and reliefs. The model will have the perfect surface, ready for further coloring and creation of your artwork.

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EnvisionTEC Perfactory III

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